Mindset is a powerful concept and idea that was discovered by Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck after many years of research on efforts and achievements.

My parents gifted me this book when I had lost confidence. After reading this book, it opened my eyes to how a growth mindset can have a huge positive impact in not only sports but also all aspects of life.

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Even among the most Elite Performers, some athletes stand out, are able to outperform in game -deciding moments. These athletes prove that raw athletic ability doesnt necessarily translate to superior on-field experience- it's the MENTAL gam,e that matters MOST!!!​

The Champion's mind by sports psychologist Jim Afremow, PhD, offers advice on how to get in the "zone", thrive on a team and stay humble. Also provides how-to progress within a sports and sustain long-term excellence.

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My Favorite Books on Mindset