Mindset is a powerful concept and idea that was discovered by Stanford University Professor Carol Dweck after many years of research on efforts and achievements.

My parents gifted me this book when I had lost confidence. After reading this book, it opened my eyes to how a growth mindset can have a huge positive impact in not only sports but also all aspects of life.

You can buy this amazing book here.

Even among the most Elite Performers, some athletes stand out, are able to outperform in game -deciding moments. These athletes prove that raw athletic ability doesnt necessarily translate to superior on-field experience- it's the MENTAL gam,e that matters MOST!!!​

The Champion's mind by sports psychologist Jim Afremow, PhD, offers advice on how to get in the "zone", thrive on a team and stay humble. Also provides how-to progress within a sports and sustain long-term excellence.

You can buy this book here

My Favorite Books on Mindset

Ruhi Maletira is the creator of Inside Athletes, a website focused on helping aspiring youth athletes overcome issues with their mentality.

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